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WildPackets Training Offerings

WildPackets provides a full range of training solutions centered on practical applications of protocol analysis techniques across a spectrum of network topologies. Instruction is available via the web either in our instructor taught or self-guided courses, or as an on site course that can be tailored to your specific business.

In each course, instruction goes beyond rote operation to include topics and labs that focus on understanding the underlying technologies, building problem solving skills, and developing network management methods that work. These courses provide the foundation for a range of advanced offerings in specialized topics from custom protocol decodes to wireless security.

Web OnDemand Course

WP-100 Networking Fundamentals

This is the first in a series of courses designed to provide students with experience in the computer-networking field.

WP-200 WildPackets 24x7 Real Time Analysis

This course introduces students to the WildPackets technology in conjunction with methodologies for network management and troubleshooting.

WP-201 Advanced Network Analysis and Troubleshooting

This course dives deeper into protocol analysis, particularly a more thorough understanding of TCP/IP and related protocol variants, both benevolent and nefarious.

Web Interactive WildPackets Classes

There are currently no web interactive classes scheduled