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OmniPeek, WildPackets’ flagship network analysis software application, has grown tremendously in functionality and popularity since its introduction in 2003. Today, OmniPeek provides all of the capability and functionality that is provided in both the EtherPeek and AiroPeek products, combined, and a lot more.

Integration of wired and wireless network analysis has become critical as companies of all sizes deploy both wired and wireless networks to meet their mission critical networking needs. Meeting this demand for combined wired and wireless network analysis head-on, WildPackets is offering all supported EtherPeek and AiroPeek customers a free migration to OmniPeek. Migration is dependent on your currently supported EtherPeek or AiroPeek product. Each supported EtherPeek or AiroPeek license is eligible for migration. Please refer to the Migration Options box below to determine which OmniPeek product you are entitled to.

In addition to complementary migrations, WildPackets offers extremely attractive pricing on upgrades from your current EtherPeek or AiroPeek product to OmniPeek products with even more capability. Select your product from the drop-down menu below to see available upgrade options.

Migration Options

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How to Migrate/Upgrade via MyPeek

WildPackets customers can now migrate for free or upgrade at promotional discounted prices their applicable contracts online in a few simple steps.

To Migrate/Upgrade AiroPeek or EtherPeek to OmniPeek via MyPeek:

  1. Login to MyPeek
  2. Click on the "my contracts" tab in the top navigation.
  3. Click on the "View Contracts" link. The list of your applicable contracts will include links to upgrade.
  4. Click the "Migrate to Omni" link.
  5. Click the "Migrate Now" button.
  6. Select the maintenance contract(s) whose product you would like to migrate/upgrade by choosing the version of OmniPeek in the dropdown menu.
  7. Continue the next steps to upgrade your contracts online.

NOTE: If you have 25 contracts or more that are eligible for migration, you will be required to migrate/upgrade by email or phone. Contact WildPackets Sales at (925) 937-3200 or

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