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Maintenance Contract Renewal

WildPackets customers can renew their maintenance contracts online in a few simple steps.

OPTION 1: Renew via MyPeek

To renew your maintenance contracts via MyPeek:

  1. Login to MyPeek
  2. Click on the "my contracts" link.
  3. Click on the "Renew Contracts" link. A list of your contracts eligible for renewal will be displayed.
  4. Click the "renew now" button.
  5. Select the maintenance contract(s) you would like to renew by choosing the contract terms in the dropdown menu.
  6. Continue the next steps to either create a quote or renew your contracts online.

PLEASE NOTE: If you have 25 contracts or more, you will be required to renew by email or phone.

OPTION 2: Renew by Email

Contact WildPackets Sales at sales@wildpackets.com, to renew your maintenance contracts by email.

OPTION 3: Renew by Phone

Contact WildPackets Sales at (925) 937-3200, to renew your maintenance contracts by phone.